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Abhishek Kashyap

Designer by the day, coder by the night.

Punjab, India
Computer Science and Engineering

Hi, I am a fullstack web-developer fluent in React, Vue & Nuxt on the front side of the applications and Node, Express & on the backend.

I am also a hobbyist Photographer and photo-editor. While I'm not coding, I'm probably out there freezing moments.

Just the right amount of everything

Adaptable, flexible and agile is how I define my skills. The skills that I have acquired through endless debugging and sleepless nights. Was it worth it? Absolutely. The satisfaction of deploying your site, fixing that constant buzzing bug, centering the div in CSS (haha) and hitting that API endpoint that seemed unreachable. These small things don't show up on my skills but that add up to make me deliver determined results.

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The apps I love, the tools I have mastered

The most skilled woodcutter cannot be at his utmost until his axe is sharpened enough. That is why I keep my tools sharpened, giving my workflow the required edge, complementing my flow like hand in glove. I have spent years mastering these tools and they are the primes to my agility.

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Your greatness is not what you have, its what you give

An isolated man is a primitive man. As an adherent of this philosophy, I am an active contributor in open source software. I have my own open source projects up for use and tinkering. If you love my projects, or have something to contribute, please drop a message or open a pull request.

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Every missed shot is a lost memory

The most important component of a camera is twelve inches behind it. Photography is what pushes me to look at things in a different light. Capturing a photo goes way beyond click of a button, it is a way to manipulate the two mysteries of science, light and time; A visual exploration for sure.

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