Welcome to my darkroom

Abhishek seeing through lens of camera


I picked my Dad's camera when I was around 6, and just looking through the viewfinder, opened a world with new view, a new perspective. Sure, I have come a long way since, but everytime I look through the viewfinder, that feeling still tingles me. An art that compliments my love for travelling, photography is a getaway.

Freezing moments and memories, subject to sands of time, the art makes them last forever. Things change, people evolve, but a photograph captures the emotion. A emotion where everything is perfect - An emotion captured to be timeless. And collecting these emotions is my hobby, my art and my way of expressing my love to the world.


Photo by Abhishek Kashyap on February 02, 2019.
Photo by Abhishek Kashyap on February 14, 2019.
Grass buds
Photo by Abhishek Kashyap on April 09, 2019.
Photo by Abhishek Kashyap on January 16, 2019.
Photo by Abhishek Kashyap on August 18, 2019. Image may contain: plant, tree,outdoor and nature
Forest white flowers
Plant in rain at night
Macro shot of white flower
Raindrops on glass
Window in rain
Close up shot of drops in rain at night
Frost on leaves of grass
Dew drops on tulsi
Dark highlight on grass
Monastery at night
Taj Mahal illustration at night
Humanyun Tomb at night illustration
White bird flying through the night sky
Window with rain drops at night - close up
Bird flying over lake at night
Pure water
Rain ripples
Pure water
White flowers
Pink flowers