True happiness is not in completion of project, but in the journey of creating it.

Here are my highlight projects that make me proud.

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Realtime collaborative code editor

One day, I was giving a technical interview on google meets for an internship. After a few oral questions, the interviewer wanted me to write a Javascript function. So he asked me if I know any online collaborative code editor, and unfortunately, I didn't.

After the interview was over, I knew what my next project was looking like and I also knew that there probably exists this kind of app, because - the internet. But I was adamant to put my skills onto the test. I made this using ReactJS on frontend and using on NodeJS server.

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Realtime chat application with self destructing messages

One of the most common advice I got when I started with web development was to not reinvent the wheel. I followed this advice until I dived deep into Javascript ecosystem, realizing that sometimes the level of abstraction of some libraries was inordinate. I wanted to create a chat application, but as you might have guessed, there were many libraries to do the hard work for you. But that again left the void of not knowing 'HOW'.

I created Chatterboxes, a realtime chat application and went on with using barebones This made me realize the importance of the control we get by using something that is not much abstracted away, the need to find the perfect balance of control and getting stuff done - which is usually just passed on.


COVID-19: Virtual toolkit

A virtual toolkit to fight COVID

When COVID-19 was in its early phases, I was taking my first steps into React Native. I realized that an awareness app that could keep people up to date with the virus and its effects would be supportive. So I started to develop a virtual toolkit for COVID. The application was developed with passion, focus and sleepless nights in under a week. I was excited to get it on the Google Playstore. But to my dismay, the app got rejected from Playstore citing app contains "a reference to sensitive events". As it turns out, only government bodies are allowed to release an application containing references to natural disasters.

I was disheartened, but what I missed was the bright side, that I picked up the basics of React Native in under a week; that mobile development which once seemed a distant dream, was now a close reality.

Whenever you feel like you have failed, remember there is no failure for the man who realizes his power.