I develop aesthetically pleasing and responsive Web Applications with robust backend.

These are some skills that I have acquired through sheer will and practice.

React logo

1. UI/UX Design

Designing is the first step while developing any application and having a good foundation in design makes a good headstart impacting the whole structure. Quick prototyping helps with overall visual nature of the application and clears the cloudy view.


2. Web development

Javascript is no-brainer while doing web development. After gaining ground in the Javascript world and playing around with various libraries and frameworks, I'm now principled in ReactJS and VueJS.


3. API/Microservices development

Backend is the backbone of the application. Although users don't see it, it is what makes the application stand out. That's why I choose NodeJS and Java for creating backend for my applications.

For database, I trust the tried and tested stalwarts, MongoDB and PostgreSQL

We are trasitioning to an era of microservice architecture, and technologies like Docker and Cloud infrastructure like AWS and Azure feature on my pool of skills.