We shape our tools, afterwards our tools shape us.

These are the tools that act as a catalyst to my workflow.

Vscode logo

1. Coding enviornment

VSCode is indespensable when doing web development. Similarly My Java needs are catered by IntelliJ.

I have spent countless hours mastering these tools coupling them with right extensions, letting me dive straight in whenever a new idea popups in my mind.


2. Design enviornment

Good art inspires, good design motivates. Quick prototyping and creating mockups gives extra edge to the software.

Sketch has never let me down, whether it has been inital prototypes or release mockups. Whenever I need to go extra mile Photoshop experience and flexibility comes to play.

Design work eviornment

3. Backend enviornment

Some people consider backend to be tough, since it can be challenging to visualize the backend architecture. Postman is a great tool that helps to work with testing of APIs.

Working with microservices and intercommunication can also be a pain, but thanks to Docker.

Illustration of ship container